JustPots started with a love of pottery...

Our family has always loved pottery! From the brightness and shapes to quality and workmanship, pottery has filled our home and our outdoor spaces with cheer. 

A few years ago,  we were on the search for another perfect pottery piece. We were walking through the rows and rows of pottery and could not find the right one. We realized there had to be a better way to find the one...the perfect pot. 

Our dream started simple. To provide a place where people could buy nice, quality pottery at reasonable prices. With that vision, JustPots was born. Now, with quality and customer service in mind, we ship containers of beautiful, vivid pottery to our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas to be delivered to you, our amazing customer. 

Our desire is to serve you with the same love and excitement that started our search for pottery years ago. Cheers to getting the perfect piece of pottery!

- John & Gina Bellinger

Excellent Quality, Customer Focused

At JustPots, our pottery is designed at the highest level of quality. The pottery will be long-lasting, keep its brilliance in color and stand up to all types of weather. 

Your happiness and fulfillment are our number one priority. Our knowledgeable team is here to make your pottery buying experience easy and seamless. We are available by phone or email to take your orders and answer your questions.

Delivery is available at customer request. We have the ability to ship nationwide via common carrier and LTL service.